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14 July 2020
Hello dear culinary specialists of World Platform of Islamic Countries Culinary Societies!  I am Akhmadjon Khamdamov, welcome you as President of the Young Chefs Commission of WICS. Dear members of the World Platform of Islamic Countries Сulinary Societies, understanding the situation with the global pandemic COVID-19, all the professional activities of chefs around the world have been suspended....
13 July 2020
ENAS KHUDHARY OBJECTIVE: To secure a challenging posiTon in a reputable hospitality organization to expand my learning, knowledge, skills & fully utilize my rich experience, while making a significant contribution to the success of the organization.  ACADAMIC QUALIFICATION: Master of Special Education{Role of Diet on Students of Special Needs}-Ferris University Michigan -USA Bachelor of Nutrition...
13 July 2020
President of Bartin Professional cooks and pastry association Vice president of Confederation of all cooks and pastries Amasra city councial member *Work experience Amastrist otel (Bartın Amasra) Phaselies princess (Antalya Tekirova) Grand aqua (Muğla Marmaris) Grand aqua (Muğla Marmaris) Club Tarhan (Aydın Didim) Yaşam Restaurant ( Bartın) Dönüş Restaurant (Bartın Amasra) Uygulama oteli (...
13 July 2020
Bachelor in Culinary Arts Management at Maldives National University and Diploma in Hotel Catering and Institutional Operation at FHTS and Birmingham endorsed program, by Maldives national collage. Chef Ishag started his professional career at Full Moon Beach Resort in 1999 as commis, and he moved several other places where his experience benefited him in reaching greater heights. Over the 18 years he had...
13 July 2020
Who Is chef ameur eltaief? Chef ameur is executive chef and consultan chef,Member of the Executive Bureau atpac delegation Saudi arabia President for hilal star and hilal chef at wics & WICS international juidge  Early professional Life I am a chef consultant residing in Saudi Arabia for more than 18 years I worked in restaurants and hotels Holiday Inn Riyadh Italian...
13 July 2020
JOB EXPERIENCE EXECUTIVE CHEF  The Boulevard Arjaan by Rotana Amman 05.09.2015 to present  Has Café Italia Restaurant     Café Margaux French Restaurant    2Room service kitchen    2 Pool bar kitchen     1 lounge bar kitchen    3 Small meeting rooms up to 70 pax Training done at Rotana: Managing...
13 July 2020
The HALAL COMMISSION of the World Platform of Islamic Countries Culinary  Societies has officially appointed Shuhrat Sharipov as a representative in KYRGYZSTAN * President of the Association of Chefs of the Kyrgyz REPUBLIC * Founder of Chef-Shu Cooking school * Member of WACS * Member of WICS * Honorary member Of the Association of Chefs of Kazakhstan * Honorary member of the Association of Chefs...
13 July 2020
 A dedicated and innovative head chef with over 10 years experience in the management of kitchen..  Safety conscious and skilled in the application of health and safety procedures with profound knowledge of food and hygiene regulations..  Experienced in catering for large hotels conferences and events at prestigious establishments.  Passionate about working with fresh produce ,...
13 July 2020
President of the Association of Chefs of Kazakhstan • Board member of the World Platform of Islamic Countries Culinary Societies (WICS) Regional Director Europe and CIS * Honorary Member Of The French Academy Of Gastronomy * Honorary Member Of The European Culinary Community * Honorary Member Of The Association Of Chefs Of Serbia * Honorary Member Of The Italian Culinary Association * Honorary Member...
13 July 2020
The HALAL COMMISSION of the World Platform of Islamic Countries Culinary Societies has officially appointed Elchin Mammadov Samit as a representative in the Republic of Azerbaijan.  Elchin Mammadov Samit honorary member of the jury of the The Azerbaijan National Culinary Association, qualified chef 6-th digit with 16 years of experience in the field of cooking, member of many culinary Championships...

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19.05.2014 года состоялся промежуточный экзамен группы "Поваров национальной и зарубежной кулинарии". В данном мероприятии в качестве экзаменатора участвовали шеф повар и менеджер...

26 мая 2014 г. прошел очередной экзамен окончивших курс обучения по специальности «Повар национальной и зарубежной кухни». На экзаменационой комиссии участвовали эксперты гастрономии и гостинично-...

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию подарочный сертификат на услуги нашего центра. Наша цель - помочь Вам в решении часто возникающей проблемы - выбора подарков для родных и близких  по любым поводам. Мы проводим...

В распоряжении Международного центра узбекского кулинарного искусства имеются полностью укомплектованные аудитории-кухни, оснащенные самым современным оборудованием.

10 января 2014 года в Международном центре узбекского кулинарного искусства  состоялся очередной итоговый экзамен (сертификация) "Су шефов".  В состав экзаменационной комиссии входили...


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