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Uzbek delegation in Almaty

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Uzbek delegation in Almaty

On November 2, the delegation of the Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan participated in the International Exhibition "Everything for Restaurateurs and Hoteliers", which opened in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The opening of the exhibition took place on November 3 in the Expocenter of Almaty, the organizers were company Iteca and its partners. The delegation from Uzbekistan was warmly welcomed by colleagues from HORECA Kazakhstan. The exhibition impressed with its grandeur, occupying the territory of two pavilions. Were represented numerous foreign companies from Asia and Europe. The variety of directions related to the catering sphere was presented at the exhibition widely, interestingly and informatively.

Within the exhibition there was a competition of young cooks of Kazakhstan, identical to our "Oltin Pichok" contest. Students of professional colleges competed in the skill of preparing national dishes. Members of the delegation of Uzbekistan expressed a desire to hold similar competitions on an international scale, which would allow to invite Kazakhstani children to us and to measure their skills with students of our professional colleges.

At the other end of the pavilion, were held business trainings on various types of culinary skills, such as cooked pasta or cooked marbled meat. Visitors of the exhibition, who participated in these master classes, tasted the cooked foods and assessed the masters.

In the evening of 3rd November, the delegation of the Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan started off on its way back and, suddenly got into a real Kazakhstani storm with screaming howling wind and a mix of rain and snow. It was a little scary, but at the same time it was fascinating. A short respite was brought by a stop at a roadside cafe, where members of the delegation tried a real Kazakh besh-barmak.

In general, the trip left very positive emotions for the members of the delegation and they expressed great gratitude to Kazakhstani colleagues for their hospitality.

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