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The Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan (ACU) together with the Senior Experten Service (SES) company  and the International Center of Uzbek Culinary Arts (MCTSI) organized and holded a series of practical training seminars with the participation of the expert of hotel and restaurant services of Mr. Ganns-Karl Madelung from Germany on the basis of the hotel "Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent" from October 27 to November 12, 2014.

Taking into account the professional experience and fifty years of experience in the hotel and restaurant business, of the invited expert, five main categories of participants can be identified within of the training seminars program:

  1. waiters, senior waiters and supervisors;
  2. managers, restaurant directors;
  3. key staff (FrontOffice, HR, Marketing&Sales) and hotel managers;
  4. cooks, chefs of hotels, restaurants, cafes,  sanatorium, etc.
  5. teachers of universities and masters of industrial training of tourism colleges, technology of catering organization, etc.

For reference:

This seminar is a continuation of earlier organized scientific-educational and professional-practical seminars and master classes. All the events of ACU  organizes with the presence of international experts.

  • Mr. Albert Diubala from Germany participated on the culinary championship “Kabob bairami” which was held on April 13, 2013.
  • The president of National Association of Cooks of Azerbaijan (WACS official person) participated on the culinary championship “Kassob” which was held on 20 of October, 2013.
  • From 19 to 24 of September 2013, WACS expert from Singapore Ms. Deveji Senmugam held the master class of "Southeast and Asian Cuisine”;
  • From 11 to 14 of March, 2014, was held the seminar – training “Effective management of restaurant business” with the participation of representative “RestoStart” Russian company Georgie Mtvralashvili.
  • “Western Europeanpastry” master – class was held by British  confectioner Graham John Edwards, on 19 to 23 of May, 2014.
  • “The secrets of Mishlen restaurants” master – class and seminar was held by Mr. Gracio Presta, on the 1 of November, 2014.

The main goal of this project was to increase the level of qualification and professional skill in terms of both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of the direction of service, gastronomy and hospitality. The main emphasis was directed to the existing staff of institutions, and to teachers and masters of industrial training. Which in the near future will provide the professionally trained personnel whole industries.

One of the most important topics of this seminar was the HACCP system, which ensures safety and control at all stages, food production, at any point in the procurement, transportation, cooking, storage, filing and marketing process with the identification of control points for dangerous (critical) situations.

The material of the seminar was presented not only in oral form, but also the technique of visual practice followed by the repetition of the displayed elements by each of the listeners. To consolidate and practical use, were demonstrated educational video materials and video courses of practical work in the restaurant and hotel business.

In practical classes, to the acting specialists were given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in performing certain elements of maintenance and servicing techniques. After that, these same elements were demonstrated from the point of view of the expert. Further, each participant could independently perform this action, honing it to perfection.

Besides of such basic elements as grinding, handling plates, appliances and glass, covering the table with a tablecloth, replacing tablecloths without exposing the table tops, serving and pre-serving elements, dishes serving technics, gathering of the first hot and second hot dishes, clip-on service in a new French way and salad (a tablespoon and fork), three ways to hold two and three plates on one hand, by the one examples need to highlight the ritual of correct wine serving.

During the seminar, each of the participants had the opportunity to ask a question or reveal a topic of interest, or even a whole direction. It was cognitive to hear the comparison of different systems and different approaches to the same issue. Examples include the requirements for the employee when hiring, types of probation terms, working conditions, etc.

The slogan for this category of practitioners was the phrase of Mr. Madelung "If you think that you are perfect, and do not develop at the same time, then competitors will simply overtake you!"

It was interesting to find out how in Germany punishes negligent employees. Instead of fines and 3-story collocations, for the first time with the guilty employee, about his omissions speak politely and with a smile, explaining that this can not be done. The second time, the explanation looks without a smile, in a more coarse form. The third time they take out a written warning.

In the group of audiences of the hotel business, along with the above hotels, the level of their professional knowledge was raised by representatives of higher educational institutions, and also professional colleges: the Tashkent professional college of tourism, the Yunusabad college of design, the Tashkent professional college of tourism and business, the Tashkent professional college of hospitality and service, Tashkent professional college of service, Kuiluk professional service college, Sergeli industry a professional college, the Yakkasaray professional college of services, the Tashkent polytechnic professional college.

The restaurant participants were: “LaShakar”, “Ariston Park”, “Dar”, “Fashion Bar”, “Chenson”, “GoldenRiver”, “Bavaria Plaza”, “Peggy's Bar & Grill”, “Osiyo Grand” banquet restaurant, cafe “Majnuntol”, fast food restaurant “Torento”, also hotels “Uzbekistan”, “Grand Mir”, “Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent”.

The main issue that interested the audience  was a general system of training young professionals. In the West practices a dual training system, combining three days of practice at the enterprise and two days of theoretical part in educational institutions. As a result, a student who comes to work after graduating from college has not only basic theoretical knowledge, but also sufficient practical experience of the whole system of service, gastronomy and hospitality. Moreover, if the student has chosen the future profession of the waiter, he must work for at least three months as a cook and, the future cook works for three months as a waiter. This approach gives practical knowledge about the complexity and nuances of the related profession, as well as the practical need for knowledge in future career growth. As a manager, a young specialist using his knowledge and practice of work will find the right ways to solve the tasks and coordination between the sales hall (sales department) and the kitchen workshop (production department).

Going to the finish line, as they say "for dessert," the listeners were chefs, chefs of hotels, restaurants, cafes, sanatoria. "A good cook is a doctor." - the cook, like a doctor, he can not be indifferent to his work. After all, a persons health and mood depends on how the cook will feed him. This kind of profession requires constant search, creative imagination, because it is necessary to surprise visitors pleasantly every time they come to you.

A good cook should also have a fundamental knowledge of safety and control while working with food and finished products within the system of under study of the HACCP.

Besides of numerous questions and answers, the participants of the seminar were interested in learning about modern and advanced methods, the work of foreign colleagues. For example, a revelation was the remote control of a combi steamer through a smartphone, so correctly making workpieces for tomorrow, early in the morning, you can start the preparation of breakfast according to the laid-in program. At the same time, the software performs full self-monitoring of the equipment and provides a complete report of actions to the phone.

Were discussed the issues of advanced production technologies, the technology of cooking and the culture of sauces supply, the correctness of the menu making and the mandatory indication of the allergenic ingredients of marinate in the menu (for example kiwi).

An important point is to define the area in the guest room for smokers and non-smokers. It was shown on examples, that before getting into the territory free from the irritating smell, it is necessary to collect fresh air into the lungs and run through the smoke screen.

Within  Mr. Gunns-Karl Madelung's program of stay, the master of the service and hospitality industry for acquaintance, visited the catering enterprises of the capital of various levels. Analyzing the work of each of the institutions, the invited expert singled out and voiced the main trends in the development of public catering enterprises in Uzbekistan. It was not without criticism, of course. If positive moments with emotions were voiced in the presence of the whole audience, then the criticisms and suggestions of the expert were strictly confidential.

Master  with  a semicentennial  experience recommended  to pay more attention not only to the guest area of public catering establishments, but also to the production part. As it turned out, not only in the west an ordinary visitor can see how things are in the kitchen. In some hotels, in fact, every day a foreign visitor encounters desires to visit the back of the hotel restaurant.

Should be noted that this training seminar was organized with the support of the "Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent" hotel, the SES (Senior Experten Service) company, Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies, LLC "Espresso Italy".

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