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World Association of Chefs Communities

The World Association of Chef Communities, WACS is the global network of chef communities that was founded in October 1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Legendary Auguste Escoffier was its first honorary president.


Today, WACS has 124 official members - associations of chefs, including APU (Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan), which represent more than 10 million professionals worldwide.

Our mission

Chefs Club of Uzbekistan (CCU) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization of professionals whose goal is to preserve and improve the culinary standards of Uzbek cuisine.

This mission is carried out through training, practical training and professional growth of our participants throughout Uzbekistan.

As a recognized authority in the field of catering, the CCU represents a highly professional opinion on all matters related to the culinary profession.

A channel (telegram) will be used to inform CCU members.

Benefits of the CCU and its members

Provides catering establishments with an undoubted advantage in the ability to attract the best chefs of the international level.

2. It gives employers additional confidence that these chefs have been educated in schools that meet the quality standards of the WACS culinary education.

3. The ability to use the logo "The quality of culinary education certified by CCU" on your website, as well as in the issued certificates and promotional materials.

4. Inclusion in the list of "Culinary education, certified by the CCU" magazine HORECA.

5. Coverage in the CCU newsletter.

6. Discount on advertising in the HORECA magazine and on the website

7. Participation in CCU events.

8. Advertising in CCU events.

9. Participation in TV shows about cooking.

10. Letters - recommendations for different tenders.

11. Letters - recommendations for foreign countries who are interested in cooks of Uzbek cuisine.

12. Recommendation for obtaining the status of international judging in international culinary championships accredited by WACS.

Cooks classification

Chef. Makes requests for necessary foodstuffs, semi-finished products and raw materials, ensures their timely receipt from the warehouse, controls the timing, range, quantity and quality of their receipt and sale.

Based on the study of consumer demand, it provides a variety of dishes and culinary products, makes up the menu.

Carries out constant control over the technology of cooking, standards of laying raw materials and workers' compliance with sanitary requirements and rules of personal hygiene.

Carries out the arrangement of cooks and other production workers. Makes a schedule for cooks to work.

Conducts food processing.

Organizes accounting, compilation and timely submission of reports on production activities, the introduction of advanced techniques and methods of work.

Sous chef. The second most important in the kitchen, assistant chef, deputy chef.

It specializes in the preparation of various dishes: prepares soups, main dishes, other food.

He knows how to store food, prepares different dishes according to recipes and knows how to prepare cooked food.

Organizes food storage in accordance with sanitary and hygienic standards.

Despite the fact that the cook at catering enterprises uses the established recipes of dishes, he can make changes to them depending on the quality of raw materials and the contingent of consumers.

Works indoors, in conditions of high temperature.

Cook confectioner. Specializes in confectionery.

The main raw materials for the preparation of confectionery products are the following types of products: flour (wheat, less corn, rice, oat, etc.), sugar, honey, fruits and berries, milk and cream, fats, eggs, yeast, starch, cocoa, nuts, food acids, gelling agents, flavor and aromatic additives, food colors and leavening agents.

Cook technologist. Organizes the process of cooking products.

Determines the quality of raw materials, calculates its quantity to obtain servings of finished products, caloric content of the daily diet, makes up the menu and price lists.

Distributes responsibilities in the brigade of cooks.

Controls the process of cooking culinary products, develops recipes for new specialties and makes flowcharts on them.

Draws up the necessary documentation, instructs the chefs.

Leads a full account of material values, equipment, raw materials, finished products.

Cook culinary. The culinary specialist calculates the raw materials and the yield of finished products, draws up a menu, orders for products and semi-finished products, prepares dishes, performs straining, kneading, grinding, molding, stuffing stuffing products.

It regulates the temperature regime, determines the readiness of dishes, products by instrumentation, as well as appearance, smell, color, taste, produces artistic decoration of dishes and confectionery, produces portions of dishes.

Fill out the online application form on the site (in the section "Resources", "Documents")

The review process takes no more than thirty (30) business days after the receipt of the initial application, unless additional information is requested by the oversight commission.

A member of the CCU club (Chefs club of Uzbekistan) receives an official personal club card (personal card CCU), which can be used as a pass to events held by APU (Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan), WACS (World Association of Chefs' Communities) chefs of Uzbekistan), as well as an international certificate on the classification of the category of cooks.


* Click here to get an application form.

Details for payment of membership fee:

Tashkent city M. Ulugbek district

st. Oltin Tepa 354

s / 20212000004741789001

OPERA AKB Aloqabank

MFO 00401 INN 206981963

OKONH 98200

tel.265 - 27 - 71

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