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Malakhovka township of Moscow region for one Sunday turned if not into a whole Uzbekistan, then at least one big, but cozy teahouse.

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Malakhovka township of Moscow region for one Sunday turned if not into a whole Uzbekistan, then at least one big, but cozy teahouse.

On the 19th of November, 2017 in the village of Malakhovka (Moscow region) was the Day of Uzbek Culture, which, despite the municipal scale of the event, attracted the most prominent guests, for whom Uzbekistan is more than a country, and they themselves are more than just citizens for this republic.

Latitude of the Uzbek soul:

The idea of holding the Day of Uzbek culture appeared, it can be said, spontaneously. One of its organizers was Alisher Khalilov, the founder of the "Outgoing Tea-house" project, a representative and a member of the Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan. He was called by one of the simple labor migrants, a gardener by profession, who offered to gather such an event.

"He had money for 50 portions of pilaf, but when people caught on with this idea, they began to help, with products, and souvenirs, some people came here to cook this pilaf. This is a good and kind event, "Alisher said modestly, who does not consider himself any hero of the celebration.

While the guests gathered in the hall, on the way examining the exhibition of the artist Adham Inamov "Fairy-Tale Orient", the cooks, including Alisher himself, toiled at the huge cauldron, preparing three varieties of pilaf - with meat, fruit and mushrooms. The scent of the district was such that even someone who did not know the way here could find this place by smell. And the guests, I must say, were quite stellar, some in a very real sense.

Star guests and good friends:

Despite the modest scale of the event, the festival was visited by famous people in the world of art and culture, representing several generations at once. So, the hero of Russia, cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov, specially came to Malakhovka from Star City. Violinist virtuoso, composer, producer and singer Vladimir Mikhailov (master), singer and director Ihtiyandr Kadirov, composer and musicologist Leonid Yusupov was a honorable  guests. The director Yusup Razikov, as well as his young colleague, the graduate of VGIK Alexander Novikov-Yanginov, who presented the film "Stars" at the festival, they also visited  the holiday of friendship and pilaf.

A musical country and pilaf for every taste:

The atmosphere of the festival was created also by the artists - who songs about the cities of Uzbekistan immediately transferred viewers for three thousand versts - to Shakhrisabz, Fergana and Tashkent, and the hits of the legendary Yalla - Uchkuduk and Chayhana - made the whole audience sing along. And these songs felt such warmth and love for their native land, and pride, and at the same time longing for the country, which seems to be near you always, and at the same time far away, like a bright dream.

After a cultural excursion, on the street were waiting  the king of the Uzbek table - pilaf. Under the tents, sheltered from the November small drizzle, the cooks were handed out pilaf. Despite a large number of people, there was enough food for everyone, moreover, everyone could choose their own dish to taste or try several kinds at once. In addition to pilaf, you could taste Uzbek honey, as well as various cheeses. Well, where without traditional tea.

Official speeches are said, letters of gratitude for the contribution to the unity of the backgammon are given, and people do not think to leave, because many have not seen each other for so many years, they still need to tell each other so much.

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