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Akhmadjon Khamdamov President of the Young Chefs Commission of WICS.

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 Akhmadjon Khamdamov President of the Young Chefs Commission of WICS.

Hello dear culinary specialists of World Platform of Islamic Countries Culinary Societies!

 I am Akhmadjon Khamdamov, welcome you as President of the Young Chefs Commission of WICS.

Dear members of the World Platform of Islamic Countries Сulinary Societies, understanding the situation with the global pandemic COVID-19, all the professional activities of chefs around the world have been suspended.  But every day around the world, the spread of the virus is significantly reduced.
 An online system has been launched in all areas.  We are all forced to work remotely.  We all miss International Championships, our friends from all over the world.  I really hope that we will see you again.

  My main goal as president of the Young Chefs Commission of  World Platform of Islamic Countries Culinary Societies is to unite all young culinary creators into one youth family.  Together with you, we must actively support the youth movement, create the conditions for education and professional realization, intellectual and creative development.  The Young Chefs Commission of WICS needs the support of all World Platform of Islamic Countries Culinary Societies  members, all presidents of the associations.

 Dear  members of World Platform of Islamic Countries Culinary Societies, I ask you to nominate 5 young candidates from your country. 5 young, active, energetic, talented chefs, I call in the Young Chefs Commission of WICS.  One of them will be the official representative in the country.
 We must support, help to young chefs reveal their talents and abilities, become successful, gain confidence in their abilities, find their way and realize their dreams.
 Young chefs are our present and future!


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